Week 3. Testing out the Tofu!

Hallelujah! I’ve discovered OAT-LY! Oat semi milk drink, my Yorkshire Tea brew has been resurrected albeit a little creamier tasting than I’m used to but nevertheless tastes like the tea my taste buds are so accustomed too. I’ll say farewell to my brief encounter with Soya milk, it was nice knowing you and I wish you well, for me you are best suited to tofu. This week I’ve been facing my childhood nightmares of silken tofu and even fed this block of stuff to my own children without the nightmare I’m pleased to say. Even suspicious India who ate some tofu from the BOSH! Thai Red Curry recipe gave it the thumbs up 👍🏻 To be honest I purposely mentioned it was panner cheese when suspicion arose otherwise she most probably would have rejected the foreign object, however she seemed satisfied with this creamy block of marinated Thai infusion ( cheese 😆 ) I obviously told her the truth after she had eaten which leads us on to trying another BOSH! recipe…Crispy Chilli Tofu. The hubby and I have tried this one without the girls and we both agree that the girls would like it as you get a more meaty dense texture with the tofu when coated in cornflower and lightly fried before cooking, similar to a Chinese sweet & sour chicken. It’s been nearly a month since I’ve eaten meat and two weeks for fish, vastly cut back on the dairy and so far I’m feeling great in myself, I’ve eaten more than usual, maybe it’s because I’m digesting food quicker, there is so much to research! Running is just ticking over at the moment so it’s too early to really feel the plants 🌱 and the hopeful benefits against my intense training regime. I’ll be dusting off the cobwebs from my last marathon plan soon and hopefully putting this vegan diet to the test.

This week we celebrated my husbands birthday at The Ivy in Leeds with generous measures of grape juice, good friends and the hope of a menu that caters for the plant based eater! It’s been a year since we last visited and I was delighted to see that their signature IVY Shepard’s pie now had a vegetarian version, not vegan but hey, a step in the right direction so I ordered that for my main and for starters I got a Jack Fruit bang bang salad which did live up to its name of being absolutely banging, tasty, vegan and deliciously oriental, but who the heck is Jack? What is this Jack Fruit that seems to be appearing every where? Another suspect to Google! Anyway apart from him being a fruit named Jack he originates from southern India and bears the largest fruits of all trees which is proving a popular nutritious meaty textured alternative to meat. I’ll give him another try👍🏻

My marathon training has been lurking at the back of my mind this week and with the weather being extremely grey, wet and gloomy I must say I’m a little unsettled at the prospect of 3 months out in the open at the worst time of the year so as usual I find reassurance in my books and have started reading The Plant Based runner by Jonathan Cairns, a personal guide to running, healthy eating and discovering a new you. I can do this 🏃‍♀️ And as I drove the children to their grandparents this morning we played and sang The Greatest Showman CD in the car for the millionth time ( yes I have still have a cd in the car! 🤦‍♀️ ) it reassuringly lite a fire in me from my 2018 Edinburgh marathon training, this was thee film of the moment and I listened to the empowering tunes on my last leg of the long training runs, on the motorway up to Edinburgh and all the way back home. It reminds me of the successful Scottish marathon I ran in my personal best yet at 3:52. It was one of the best moments of my life to cross that finishing line feeling strong and euphoric. I hope London 2020 will be just as much fun? Is that the right word! Who knows, let’s hope it’s London 2020 Running on Plants! 😀

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