Week 11. 99 days until the marathon

So I’ve literally leaped into week 2 of running well out of my comfort zone with a couple of trail runs consisting of mud, fields, farms and woods with an undulating terrain. Off road running isn’t my strong point, it’s so damn hard. Doing these kind of runs I find more pleasurable and safer with other people and because they are usually at a slower pace it’s nice to have a chatty run too plus the scenery and open space is enough to refresh the soul. It’s oh so easy to stick to tarmac and get into a rhythm with yourself which is what I enjoy, the momentum of the pace. Even better if it’s sunglasses weather, I feel I am in my own private world with my goggles on, incognito, observing the world around me in private! Sounds peculiar now that it’s written down! I remember reaching Mile 20 in Edinburgh Marathon pulling the shades firmly down from the top of my head thinking this last 10k is business, this is it, no turning back. A 20 mile warm up for a 10k race, a job needs to be done here and my glasses provide me with a protective running bubble, invisible with no distractions. I suppose a bit like the Invisibility cloak in Harry Potter, the need to go on your mission unnoticed, shame there wasn’t a magic broom too to whisk you through those last few ‘ am I going to make it ‘ miles. I’m sure in sport we all as individuals have little quirks that seem to help us out, both mentally and physically. Week 2 will finish with another tough run with decent elevation gain to Surprise View and the Otley Chevin on Sunday morning. This month is more about consistency rather than distance in each individual run, of course 1 out of 4 runs needs to be the longest at 8-10 miles with the aim at the end of January to have built the long run up to 12-14 miles and the shorter ones mixing up the pace & terrain. I’m following the London Marathon improvers plan which is what I followed for Edinburgh however I feel I am able to do more than the plan asks but the next one on from that is advanced which looks too demanding for my ability. So I’m flexing between the two and hopefully it will work out 💪

My diet is going well and I’m continuing to read up on anything related to nutrition. My Yoga teacher Jo who originally gave me insight into The Game Changers and is a vegan has recommended a book called ‘ How not to die’ by Micheal Greger. I’m not keen on the title at all and we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover however the information on scientifically proven foods to prevent and reverse disease sounds interesting 🧐 Well I may well have saved myself some time on the planet by taking part in Dry January, AKA….how TO die! Crikey it’s a long dark month without at least one Gin! I know I have to be sensible on a marathon plan but just one Hendricks & Fever-tree with ice & cucumber would be divine! I need to stop thinking about Gin. 😭 More reading, running, cooking it is! Cheers!

I’ve decided to fundraise for a local charity in Otley called Hug on a Tray, Chevin Socialites. They are a wonderful bunch of people who work extremely hard to raise money to provide free refreshments and television for cancer patients, family members & visitors to the Haematology wards J88/89 Bexley suite at St James’s hospital in Leeds. A good friend of mine is also kindly contributing to this charity by adding up the miles I run while training each week and donating a cost per mile! So that’s no excuse to slack! Team work really does make the dream work 😄

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